Summer Reading at The Storyteller in Lafayette

If you've heard the very true (and not so nice) adage about kids getting "Dumber in Summer," you might already be thinking about your summer plans for helping stem the tide ... you know, the tide that seems to carry out of their brains everything that the teachers and you worked so hard to put in to them this past year? Whether it's practicing math facts, spelling words, or reading, there is a ton that parents can do, but wouldn't it be great to have a trusted resource to help guide you a little?

Enter The Storyteller in Lafayette.  When it comes to children's literature, The Storyteller is a fantastic local resource and their summer reading program helps parents take a bit of the guess work out of what children should or could be reading.  Their tailored reading lists have a mix of genres and the books are updated from year to year, so even if you did the program last year, there will be new books to explore this summer.

This morning I received the below email from Melissa Manlove at The Storyteller, which tells you more about their program and I highly recommend it.

Summer Reading Program!
REGISTRATION is open from  
June 1st to June 30th


  • Reading is important.

  • Reading should be fun.

One of the most important steps in raising a reader is creating a comfort zone.  Children will only become good readers through a long habit of reading, and this habit is only built through enjoying and being comfortable in the experience of reading.


First, we talk to your child about what he/she has been reading and enjoying.  Together, we decide on a reading list and an achievable number of pages to read over the summer.
Every reading list is designed to offer breadth in reading difficulty and subject material.

Every staff member at the Storyteller can personally address any concerns and tailor the program to your child's needs. During the summer, the Storyteller will send your child postcards of encouragement and reminders about the deadlines.


Come to our kick-off day: Wednesday, June 1st (starting at 9:30am).  Or come down to the Storyteller anytime during our registration period:  June 1st through June 30th.   

Registration hours are 9:30 am to 5:00 pm Mon-Sat.
Children must sign up in person with an adult. Please allow 20 minutes per child for registration.

Participation in the program costs $20, and includes a discount on reading program books.  Those who complete the program receive an invitation to our popular end-of-summer party and a golden Summer Reader Riches certificate worth $15 of store merchandise.

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