Worlds Collide: DC and Healthy Choices

This week worlds are colliding and not surprisingly, there is a perfect book (or four) to recommend as a result!*

On Saturday morning, our middle child (or center son as we affectionately call him) headed for Washington D.C. to attend the dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.  An exceptionally exciting adventure for him and his dad ... to say the least.  According to Logan, the trip has been a success. He had a big comfy bed, heard Obama speak, met Stevie Wonder and Rabbi Israel Dresner, and learned that a bidet is not a drinking fountain.  The value of such trips can never be underestimated!


On the home front, he has missed a few things involving various sports balls as well as the kick off of Healthy Choices Week at school.  As the "Choose My Plate" information came home tonight, I grimaced thinking that had he been home we would have had at least one child in our house to eat something green tonight.  One opportunity lost, but one blog theme gained: Washington DC and healthy food.  What a perfect opportunity to recommend the 2009 book The First Garden: The White House Garden and How It Grew by Robbin Gourley.

The book is intended for children ages 4 - 8 and it is a nice retrospective about Michelle Obama's effort to bring attention to healthy eating habits as well as the life of the garden from its inception in 1800.  If Healthy Choices is a theme your children are interested in, you can head on over to LP Reads on Goodreads and check out the bookshelf we have there called "Books about Healthy Choices."  

To bring things full circle, did I mention that Stevie Wonder has a song called The First Garden? Strange how the world works, isn't it?  Some days, I'm glad there is a book for that ... and not just an app.

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