Literature and Global Citizenship

You often hear adults talk about literature in a way that makes it clear that they are connecting what they read to their lives in meaningful ways.

This past week, I had an opportunity to see how second graders can also make very profound text-to-world connections.  While attending a Technology Symposium for the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, I joined a break out session hosted by the district's literacy coaches.  They shared about their work with teachers across the district to both teach and inspire young readers.

One of the ideas they touched on was using "text sets" to help children create real world connections through literature. Poking around a bit, I discovered that a "text set" (a collection of books based on the same theme - fiction and/or non-fiction) can be an inspiring way to launch a myriad of associated learning opportunities.

In the video shared below, these second grade teachers and coaches created a moving, long-term project with the following books:
To round out the set, they also included a video ("Story of Ruby Bridges") and a song ("We Shall Overcome").

The below video summarizing their work speaks volumes and for the few friends who have previewed it, some tissues have been required.

Leave it to literature to touch so deeply -- and leave it to skilled professionals (teachers) to make that connection happen for children.  Thank you authors and thank you teachers!

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