Drop Everything and Read Day!

Reading seems like such a luxury sometimes and trying to sandwich it in between pick up for child one, drop off for child two, homework for child three, work, homework, dinner, baths, laundry  ... I'm sure everyone gets the picture.  But then along comes a day like today -- April 12th, Annual Drop Everything and Read (D.E.A.R.) Day-- when life gives your family full permission to push it all aside and just enjoy some good books guilt free.

D.E.A.R Day happens annually to celebrate Beverly Cleary's birthday because she popularized the idea of D.E.A.R. in her novel Ramona Quimby.  Learn more about the day here and check out Jen Robinson's suggestions for at least giving the day a nod on her blog.

For now, we've gotta run.  We have some guilt free reading to do compliments of Cornelia Funke's Inkdeath, which has us all swept up in wondering what will happen next ... but first child number two has to get from chess to baseball.

Happy reading!

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