Flora & Ulysses Reviewed

Thank you guest blogger Sofia (incoming 2nd grader) for the review that follows about an entertaining little read (and 2014 Newbery Winner), Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo:

I would like to introduce to you the book Flora and Ulysees.

I highly recommend this book to you. It is filled with excitement, adventure, love and humor.

The main characters are a girl named Flora and a squirrel named Ulysses. Flora saves the squirrel from getting sucked up by a vacuum cleaner. The squirrel gets superhero powers from the vacuum cleaner incident. He gets the power to write poems and fight cats.

My favorite part is when Ulysses the squirrel jumps into the waiter's hair at the donut shop. It was hilarious.
This book has good illustrations and is full of many funny moments. The author also uses many large words that helped expand my vocabulary.

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