A Fourth Grade Wednesday Read

If you're looking for a good Wednesday read this week, our very own 4th grader, Mira, has a recommendation for you!

Here is her review of The Wednesday Witch by Ruth Chew:

I would recommend the book, The Wednesday Witch to anyone who likes creative and funny books about mischief.  The story is about a girl, Mary Jane, who meets a witch.  The reason the book is called The Wednesday Witch is because the witch comes out of her cave to do her magic only on Wednesdays.  One day, Mary Jane's mother has to go to the supermarket.  She tells Mary Jane not to open the door to any strangers while she is out.  Mary Jane disobeys her and opens her door to Hilda the witch.  My favorite part is when the witch cuts her cat, Cinder's, hair with magic shrinking scissors.  The cat shrinks and Mary Jane finds her living in her doll house.  Mary Jane and the witch also use a vacuum and roller skates to fly around.  This was a really fun book to read!

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