LP Reads Debuts on Goodreads.com

In our ongoing effort to provide LP readers (and their parents) with resources for finding that next great book, the LP Reads Team has started an account on Goodreads.  If you aren't familiar with Goodreads, think of it as an online place to peruse the bookshelves of all of your friends in one place.  While you are there, you can read what your friends think of their books, how they rate them (one to five stars), and find out what else they are planning to read in the future.  You can also create your own bookshelves (using any categorization system you choose), review books you have read, and keep a running list of books that you'd like to read some day.

To date, the LP Reads bookshelves are stocked with more than 2,400 books!  We currently have shelves for each grade level for summer reading and the kids' favorite books.  Other shelves include Parents' Picks, Caldecott Winners, Newbery Winners, Favorite Read Alouds, and Moraga Library Recommended Books (by grade).  We are beginning to do a finer sort of the existing books on shelves dedicated to genre and topic (friendship, determination, dogs, etc.) as well.

To become a friend of LP Reads on Goodreads, sign up for your own account by following this link and then add LP Reads as a friend (don't search for us as a group).   If you get hung up along the way, just email us and we'll walk you through the sign up process.

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